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We are Leonardo Edwards and Iolanda Menino. We need your urgent help. If I have helped you, please consider helping us. 

Please get our story out there. We don’t want our baby to be another victim of forced adoption, where lots of money is involved in a corrupt system. We are not working because of this situation - please give a donation to help us continue to get our baby back.

Our baby was snatched by Social services on 5 th February 2016 at only 5 days old. We were accused of denying medical care to our baby, not opening door to midwifes. Iolanda was sleep deprived and exhausted after labour and surgery wanting to rest. Iolanda is unaware of Midwifery protocols in the UK she is Portuguese. Leonardo was not informed either. Local Government escalated everything. The case notes are full of opinions, no facts.

  • We had a home birth; baby was born on the 1st February.

  • Labour line called no one available. NHS midwife arrived 10mins before baby born. Midwife not sympathetic. Placenta did not emerge. Midwife pulled on the cord and Iolanda lost 2 litres of blood and was rushed to hospital by ambulance. Our baby was checked by NHS Midwife at home, he was healthy.

  • The Midwife did not want to go in Ambulance, due to concerns of a parking ticket on her car.

  • Iolanda was taken to Princess Anne Hospital, Southampton, UK for manual removal of the placenta.

  • In hospital staff insisted on asking for baby’s name. We didn’t have name, father didn’t know it was a baby boy.

  • On 3rd February 2 midwifes turned up, without an appointment, we did not see either of them. We made an appointment with regular midwife; she gave us an appointment for the 12th February.

  • A doctor was sent to our house, we did not see her due to her sounding threatening.

  • Later that day a policeman turned up, the baby was fine.

  • Police and Social services took our baby under duress to the hospital for 72 hours, no paperwork given.

  • Phototherapy forced on our baby to treat jaundice.

  • We were informed of court (8th February), only 10mins before!

  • Court hearing at 2pm on the 9th February, unknown address parents unable to attend.

  • Social Services and Police took baby on the 9th February. Mother not able to say good bye.

  • Parents not allowed to see baby since 4th March, preventing breastfeeding.

  • Parents have Council from the Chief Federal Judge David-wynn Miller. Who says this is CRIMINAL KIDNAP & CHILD TRAFFICKING.

  • Served documents on 20 people. We have sacked the solicitors.

  • Social Services after taking our baby away looked for something to justify their actions accused Father of being dangerous based on character assassination by a BBC TV show on him – about MMS. They said it is dangerous and a bleach. The EPA – Environment Protection Agency and the Poison index say it is safe. MMS is not illegal.

  • You cannot take a child away from its parents legally when the baby is not registered with a birth certificate.

  • Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ourbabywassnatchedbythesocialservices/

  • Our interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFkbDQbEiy8

  • Radio Interview: http://richieallen.podomatic.com/entry/2016-03-09T14_16_32-08_00

  • Our fund raising page: https://www.gofundme.com/tztxzkhw

Our baby's name is Santiago :)


Thank you so much. With Love,
Leonardo & Iolanda

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